Hi Friends!  My name is Kate Lay, and I’m a small town girl from rural Illinois near St. Louis, MO.

I knew the best chance at living a full life was here in Colorado. So, I moved out here to attend Colorado State University. In school I studied Exercise Science and developed a career in the Medical Device industry on the front range for the last 20+ years dealing with flatliners (I worked in cardiac devices).

Today I am excited to work with the beating hearts of our society – homeowners!  Just prior to the COVID pandemic, we had an opportunity to move to Summit County. Talk about perfect timing! My previous career taught me to be on my feet, expect the unexpected, be humble, and have compassion for your fellow man when they are most vulnerable.

As I prepared to join the real estate industry, I was impressed by what a great group of people worked here in Summit. One of the driving forces for me is to be a member of this great community.

A few of the unique aspects of being a realtor in Summit County are being aware of this diverse market, with various types of clients, all of whom have different goals. There are so many nuances to consider. Some people are IKON only, others live and die by the EPIC pass. Some want remote locations with the stellar views, and some want to be able to walk to the lift.

Condos, townhomes, single family place, VRBO, 1031, lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Well, at least bears. 😉

I am very excited to be here and to have joined the Your Castle Summit team and working with Amy!


Kate Lay
Kate Lay Real Estate Broker Agent
Kate Lay in Snow
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