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Every real estate purchase is an investment. Real estate can not only make money, it can make memories. I have worked with many clients over the years to help them find the right real estate investment in Summit County to maximize their finances and their fun!

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Best practices and advice on how to find the perfect Summit County property

Are you interested in purchasing a property in Summit County for a financial or family investment?

Here is a podcast (it’s over an hour!) of my real estate process and analyzing mountain resort properties. This podcast was recorded with the Denver Investment Real Estate Podcast.

Cash Flow Scenarios

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I get asked weekly about whether owning a property in Summit County is a “good investment?” In the video below, I will walk you through a spreadsheet detailing the actual costs and benefits of owning a mountain property.

Spoiler alert – taking into consideration appreciation and tax benefits, you can make 7-13% annually on your initial cash investment. (And you can ski and avoid I-70!)

Analysis for Holding a Property for 10 Years

I also have more in depth spreadsheets that provide an analysis of a 10 year property hold.

If you would like this spreadsheet for your own use, you can download it from Google Docs.

Summit County Market Update

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As I mention in the video, the question of short term rental income covering ownership costs is my most Frequently Asked Question. I strive to give the most accurate information possible in a landscape with multiple variables that change the scenario from property to property and owner to owner. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you individually about your needs to better hone in these numbers.


About Amy

I understand why you want to live and play in the mountains as a family and experience the peacefulness and adventure of a mountain community. I felt the same way almost 20 years ago and moved to Summit County with my family. It’s not always an easy move to make. You’d like to know that everything will work out for the better if you do. The problem is that there is such a strong pull to just keep life status quo.

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But life is stressful, and you’d just like to get away for a chunk of time, relax, and enjoy the outdoors. I believe that no one should be stuck in mundane living or in traffic on I-70 for hours. You are looking for another place to call home, store your gear, and make great memories as a family. That’s why I work hard to provide you with a full understanding of how an investment in Summit County real estate can be the investment of a lifetime! Mountain property is a relatively safe investment.

I have made millions of dollars for my clients. Whether you are seeking the ideal investment opportunity or buying or selling a home, I bring a wealth of experience that is unmatched in Summit County, Colorado. If you’re looking for someone to simply peddle your home, then I’m not a match for your needs. But if you’re interested in an individualized approach to a residential move or seeking out the kind of back-end expertise that will gain you a foothold in the realm of investment real estate, owning a second home, or exploring dreams of development, you owe it to yourself to sit down and have a talk with me.

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