Thank you to everyone for the amazing feedback I received on my analysis of wait times for STR licenses in Summit County Unincorporated Neighborhood Zones. With 2022 wrapping up, I updated the numbers and you can see them in the spreadsheet.

We used the same spreadsheet and just added a new section for 2022 MLS data. We updated the percentages for STRs in each basin and also updated the BOCC’s recommendations which we pulled from this packet for the January 4, 2023 County Wide Commissioners meeting. One other change we did was we were able to be more accurate in counting properties that are in Summit County v. townships due to a town map overlay in our MLS system. (yay!)

The sales numbers stayed relatively consistent, which proves that my initial analysis was pretty close. However, since the BOCC changed their proposed percentage caps, the wait times have gone up. Here are the new updated wait times for STR licenses using 2022 sales data and the BOCC’s new caps.

  • Lower Blue Basin (Wildernest and Silverthorne) – 6.33 years
  • Snake River Basin (Dillon Valley and Summit Cove) – 17.21 years
  • Ten Mile Basin (Frisco) – 21.75 years
  • Upper Blue Basin (Breckenridge Area) – 7.19 years

The BOCC is claiming that STR licenses will be available in 2 years for Lower Blue and Upper Blue Basins and 7 years for Snake River and Ten Mile Basins. They are also figuring that some people won’t renew their licenses thus bringing down the number of active licenses. I would say that there is going to need to be A LOT of people not renewing their licenses to have availability that soon.

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