January is the month where our family reflects on our lives, celebrates our successes and sets new goals for the future. I am driven by very specific goals and values that I review on a daily basis. I firmly believe that without goals and values driving people, they are rudderless and allow life’s inertia to make decisions for them. 

Setting Life Goals

Each January, my family and I have a ritual where we review the previous year and set new goals for the upcoming year. My husband, Darren, wrote a great article on this last week. We have both received so many comments on his article that I wanted to share our annual ritual with you, too! Read Darren’s article here.

Reflecting on 2020

2020 has certainly been a mixed bag of great successes combined with uncertainty and numerous restrictions.

I brought on a new broker, Kate Lay, and continued to work with my marketing partner, Sonya Dalrymple and transaction coordinator, Danielle Abeyta.

Despite a strange economy, my real estate team and I had the most successful year ever. We closed 60 real estate deals, $39 million in sales, and I was fortunate enough to finish #1 in my company for the second year in a row.

Now that is certainly something to celebrate! Behind this snapshot of success are countless hours of work, preparation, sacrifice, and family and friends supporting me and my team. We are excited to do it again in 2021 and look forward to serving you!

2020 #1 YCRE



For 2021, I have chosen the word “INTENTIONALITY” to guide me. Intentionality means using my time, energy and skills for the highest and best good. It means setting aside time to meditate, be thankful, and give my undivided attention to what I’m working on in the moment.

Intentionality with my business is making sure that each request and client is handled with professional attention and that my expertise and knowledge is used to help people make the best decisions possible.

With focused intention, I can be sure that my precious time and energy are moving me and my clients closer to our goals, while living an awesome life!


Choosing the word intentionality was highly influenced by this graphic from Brenden Burchard.


The value of “FREEDOM” has always been my strongest underlying value and it has driven me since I can remember.

For me, living my best life is the ability to do what I want, when I want.

It means being in control of my own business and being able to make decisions as I see fit.

I feel very blessed that I have created a life where I feel freedom in my choices.

I am grateful that you all have been on this journey with me both personally and professionally. I look forward to continuing our friendships and working relationships in the future!

Please reach out to me at any time to connect or if I can be of assistance.

Year in Review Highlights 2020

My top 5:

1) Vacation to Cabo
2) Golf
3) Quick trip to Vegas
4) Family Time
5) Outdoor Fun – uphill hiking and skinning

As noted in Darren’s article, one of the things we do is spend time reviewing photos and videos from the previous year. These are some of my favorites photos from 2020 that remind me of incredible adventures and memories with family and friends:

family and friends in frisco
family and friends in frisco
family and friends in frisco
hiking in frisco
amy nakos family in cabo
golfing in breckenridge
amy nakos rock climbing
amy nakos rock climbing
amy nakos rock climbing
amy and tyler in cabo
skinning at breckenridge ski resort
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