Last year I hired Don Dalrymple, who I call my “productivity coach,” to help me streamline my email systems which were numerous and literally overloading the system that came with my Macbook.

My email was crashing daily (or more) because of the sheer volume of data coming in and out. I get anywhere from 150-400 emails a day, and I had hundreds, I mean hundreds, of folders to store them. My email was taking over my life and my precious time.

Don came into my life and said, we are going to ditch your systems, and you are not going to be the bottleneck anymore.

About a year later, I’m happy to report that Don’s systems are still working, and while I can’t maintain “inbox zero,” I keep it under 50 emails as a daily goal. Plus I freed up at least an hour a day by not categorizing and filing my emails anymore. A simple search function allows me to usually find what I need relatively quickly.

Check out Don’s website for more tips on how to be uber-efficient and productive! And feel free to reach out and hire him yourself so you can experience the same freedom and results as I have. He’s great for strategy, systems, and overall business growth.

Couldn’t we all be more efficient and effective? And don’t we have to be more efficient than ever to maximize our strengths, create value, focus on the bottom line, and preserve our precious time?

One of my 2021 goals is to continue to study high performance habits and implement them in my life. You may be hearing more from me on this topic. Here is a great article from the Harvard Business Review encouraging us to vote our low value work off the island. And let me know your success (or really any) stories about your high performance journey. 

It’s actually a matter of professional life or death to get rid of your low-value work—tasks that mean little or nothing to customers or colleagues. – Priscilla Claman, Harvard Business Review

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