Your Castle is committed to your safety during this worldwide pandemic. As state orders pertaining to the showing of homes begin to ease, please refer to the guidelines below, updates from the CDC and your local government to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved:

Buying a Home

1. Drive in your own car to meet your agent at homes. Refrain from carpooling to avoid spreading the virus between your friends and family.

2. Whenever possible, practice safe social distancing as outlined by the federal government. 3. Wear a face mask and shoe booties, and refrain from touching any surfaces as much as possible.

4. Allow your agent to open doors, turn on lights and open cabinets for you to minimize physical contact inside homes.

5. Bring your own hand sanitizer in case the agent is not able to provide some for you. Also, carry your own health essentials as possible.

6. Although no longer legally mandated in some areas, people who view homes should be limited to a max of two buyers and your agent, preventing unnecessary people entering a seller’s home and thus minimizing their exposure to the virus.

7. For a showing, be aware that a seller may not leave their home. They will however be asked to think of creative ways to allow you the privacy to tour their home without feeling crowded.

8. Note that agents are generally no longer allowed to attend closings per title company instructions. Providing a safe environment for our closing partners is critical and this helps minimize the number of unnecessary people in their work environment. Agents may attend via FaceTime, Zoom, phone call, etc.

9. Because traditional in-person meetings are being done over the phone or video conference, know that it’s with your best interests in mind and is not intended to offend you.

10. Hold web meetings for negotiations, discussions or closings whenever possible.

Selling a Home

1. Take the time to thoroughly clean and disinfect high-traffic areas of your home with EPA- registered household disinfectants, especially before and after the showing. Pay special attention to doorknobs, bathrooms, kitchen sinks/faucets, drawer handles, tables, light switches and other high- contact areas.

2. Open all interior doors/curtains/blinds, turn on lights, and leave cabinet doors and any other space a buyer will want to see, open.

3. Keep tissues, paper towels, or some other product available near both the front and back doors to open/close doors repeatedly. Supply a trash can nearby for waste.

4. Ask all buyers/agents to wear a face mask, shoe booties, and to refrain from touching as many surfaces as possible.

5. For a showing, do not feel like you need to leave your home. Limit showing time to 30 minutes and think of creative ways to allow potential buyers the privacy to tour your home like walking your pet, enjoying a cool drink on your patio or simply waiting in the driveway while they tour.

6. Please have hand sanitizer available for buyers or have them wash their hands immediately upon entry. Make sure hand sanitizer, tissues and other health essentials are stocked in the home.

7. Make sure air vents are free, clear and cleaned properly. If needed, have maintenance done on your HVAC systems to ensure everything is in proper working order.

8. When weather permits, keep windows open to allow for fresh air to circulate through the home.

9. Hold virtual meetings for negotiations, discussions or closings whenever possible.

10. When in doubt, follow all general health guidelines as laid out by the CDC to protect you and your family.

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