National Market Trends and How To Thrive in a Changing Market

Lon Welsh of Your Castle Real Estate and Joe Massey of Castle and Cook mortgage put together the following informational series on national trends and how they are impacting the Denver market.

Here are the topics:

  1. Will there be a Foreclosure Boom like ‘07?
  2. Will Home Prices Drop?
  3. Will a Recession Wreck the Housing Market?
  4. Will Mortgage Rates Go Up or Down?
  5. Do Increasing Rates Impact the Market?
  6. How Does Inflation Impact Home Prices?
  7. Should I invest in Stocks or Rentals?
  8. What’s Next for Apartment Pricing?

I think you might find it interesting!

Recording of Webinar

national re trends july

And as always, feel free to connect with me about any questions regarding your own real estate decisions.

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